Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's an Annual Issue

It's officially Spring. You know how I know? It has nothing to do with the groundhog or the blooming flowers.

THE ICE CREAM TRUCK has emerged from its winter hibernation. And with it comes the booming, somewhat warbling, circus-sounding soundtrack, which draws children much like the Pied Piper did with rats. Irresistable. Yes, my friends, the children are like moths to the flame.

Amazingly, the kids are able to hear that magical tune playing from about six blocks away. In the distance, yet ever-so-slowly getting closer. Closer ..... closer ..... closer. Until it rounds the corner to our street.

Everyone aged 13 and under squeal with delight and run for their mommy's wallet. "ICE CREAM! MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!" (with the utmost fervor and urgency you might reserve for, say, a fire)

We have a few neighbors in the cul-de-sac that fork out the bills to their frozen-delight-desiring-kids without batting an eye. ME..... I have two words: TIMES FOUR!!! When you have 4 kids, everything adds up SO quickly. And of course, they all want the Pokemon Deluxe Pop which is perched on a light sabre stick and trimmed with edible gold leaf.

My young-unz cannot fathom why I'm not quite as excited as they are when Mr. Ice Cream (who may or may not be just out of prison) hits our block, touting overpriced dairy treats.

Yesterday, the guy hit our street twice in the same afternoon. There should be a limit, and I'm accordingly considering the filing of a restraining order.

My solution to this dilemma? I keep a box of fun popsicles and/or ice cream bars in the freezer, and they can have that when the neighbor kids are licking their Pokemon Pop. It's the next best thing, don't you think?


Christi said...

I agree, way over-priced and seriously I think maybe he never leaves the truck because he is still attached to the ball and chain...maybe it is like house arrest, I don't know...they are really scary.

Jill said...

I think their timing says it all (that they really have NO Clue) Yesterday they drove through here around 2:00pm... Kids are either in school, napping or too young to buy the stuff anyway!

Jenn said...

I'm still laughing at this post ... and totally agreeing! And, like Jill said, it seems that it is always JUST when we've gotten settled for naps that the music begins ...

Jennifer said...

Marcus has permanent issues because he was shortchanged once by an ice cream man. But hey - you've come a long way from telling your children it was just a "music truck".