Monday, June 16, 2008


Well.....this started out being a most impressive pirate ship pool, with all the bells and whistles. Thanks, Gram!

The children were giddy with excitement and couldn't believe their good fortune. They had hit the mother lode of inflatable pools!

All the neighbors were eyeing it with open envy. I spotted one burrowed behind their front bushes with binoculars aimed our direction. Thou shalt not covet our pirate ship, people!

I had high hopes that this pool would entertain the gang until school started again in August ...... or at least until lunch time ...... however ......

We had no sooner inflated it, and filled it with water when the sides started sagging. They hadn't even set foot into it yet! Do the words "slow leak" pain you as much as they do us?

Here are 3 of my kids, basking in about 2 inches of water. They played Titanic until we deflated it all the way and returned it to the store. Oh well.

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Pamela said...

Awesome above ground pool!