Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a Beautiful Thing

I just had to share that we've had the best day. My sweet friend, Tonja, often uses the phrase, "it's a beautiful thing", regardless of what we're talking about. And I got to thinking, "this day has just been a beautiful thing." Quite simply a gift.

The kids are at such a fun age, where we're able to actually enjoy outings! What a nice change of pace.

Now, mind you, these are the same kids who recently shed blood over a random Wal-Mart receipt they all wanted. Other priceless items of desire that have been worth quite literally battling over: the Dole sticker off the bananas and a paper clip. Two separate incidents that involved much gnashing of teeth and clawing. I think we'd all agree -- NOT such a beautiful thing....

Anyway, today has been a pleasure, so let's focus on that blessing for a moment. We hit an early showing of Kung Fu Panda, which we highly recommend -- followed by lunch at Fazoli's, where we put a hurtin' on their endless bread sticks offer. They very well may be changing their bread stick policy as a result -- sorry.

The grand finale was a field trip of sorts to a cool local place called Cocoa Dulce', a fancy chocolate shop. The kids each got to choose a piece of chocolate or a scoop of gelato (how chic, eh?), and we sat at the counter and watched the chocolate being hand-crafted in front of our eyes. So fun!

On the drive home, the kids worked on Mad Libs that were printed on their Fazoli's placemats. It's so funny to sit back and listen to them trying to come up with words to fill in the blanks. Inevitably, the following favorites are offered up as options: snot, toilet, boogers, poop, booties (not the baby footwear), nose hairs, booger nugget (unlike ordinary run-of-the-mill boogers), and diahhrea. It would appear, the grosser the better is the prevailing rule of thumb.

We're so proud.

And we'll keep our Wal-Mart receipts, banana stickers and paper clips under lock and key. Because apparently, it's a beautiful thing.


Jennifer said...

What a great mom you are. Summer outings like those are so memorable. I may just be a copycat and follow suit. Any excuse to visit Cocoa Dulce!

Kate said...

Hilarious!! :D Cracking up at the inventive use of "words" for the mad lib...must have been the BOYS!! Glad to hear Kung Fu Panda was good...it looks like a HOOT! :D Yay for summer...yours is off to a great start!!