Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Say what?!

OK, I thought perhaps my ears still needed checking -- Here's a little funny that happened today:

Evan was on the phone with his bestest buddy, Cameron, having a meaningful conversation that sounded like this from my vantage point: "No, YOU say something...... No, YOU say something....."

About 20 minutes in, Evan proceeded to put his hand over the receiver and enter into the following dialog with me:

Evan: Cameron wants to know if I can go to Janice's with him this afternoon.
Me: HUH?
Evan: Cameron is inviting me to go to Janice's. Is that OK?
Me: I don't know who that is.
Evan: JANICE'S! (because if he says it louder, I'll then realize who we're talking about)
Evan: It's NOT a person, it's an exercise place! (with sort of a "DUH, mom" tone....)

OK, smart boy -- the correct pronunciation is Genesis (Health Clubs)


Alicia said... are just so stinking funny.

Kate said...

I love it when they pronounce something wrong and then don't get it why we have NO clue what they're saying!! :D Ha! Yeah, forgot about Iron Chef however the ice cream truck must not come out to us in "the sticks". :D Have a great one!!

Jennifer said...

Can you imagine being such a fitness buff that you could name your gym after yourself. Janice must be one tough broad.

Anonymous said...

Come on, even my kids know that the first book in the bible is Genesis. Maybe it's time to do some bible drills this summer. :)

So, did you let him go and meet Janice?