Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check my Ears While You're at it

Our oldest had a dental appointment today, to have her very first cavity filled. While in the waiting room, I distinctly heard a young girl say to her mom, clear as day, "Mom, you love wicked sex, don't you?"

My jaw dropped open.

It dropped open even more when I heard her mother reply, "Why yes, dear, I do!"

The girl then pulled out her little craft bag, I realized I had heard wrong. Terribly wrong. These are called Wikki Stix, which sounds remarkably like wicked sex, to those of us who are warped.


Jennifer said...

I Love it! An audiologist told me that a woman's hearing gets worse after every pregnancy - maybe if you weren't such a fan of the "Wikki-Stix" yourself, you wouldn't have had such an encounter today! Is that completely inappropriate for one Christian sister to post on another Christian sister's blog!?

Bethany said...


That is too funny! Since you misheard, that is!

Rachel said...

That is absolutely hysterical! Love that you heard 'wicked sex' that's brilliant!

Wiki Stix rock! We have a restaurant that gives those instead of coloring pages, the kids love going there!!

Valarie said...

Bwahahaha, I can just see the look on your face at what you thought you heard.

Alicia said...

I'm just SO glad it was your ears!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I would have rolled on the ground. That is too funny!