Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snickering in Seattle

Funny thing....

My neighbors have been commenting lots lately about my "comedy-career-on-the-side". Apparently, my kids have been keeping them all posted on my goings-on. Sort of like live-in papparazzi.

In casual conversation one neighbor said to me, "Wow! Your kids say you're hitting the road in a few weeks for a comedy gig!" Sheepishly, I responded, "Yeah, I'm looking really forward to it!" Because, after all, I'm nothing if not humble!

Later in that conversation, the neighbor asked, "So when do you fly out?" Confused, I responded, "Oh, we'll drive there. It's not too far". Come to find out, my kids told all the neighbors that I was headed to Seattle. Um, I think the town they meant to say was Salina, as in 90 miles up the road, you know -- in Kansas!

Oh well, today Salina -- tomorrow Seattle!

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Salina will get a kick out of that story!