Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Swimsuit shopping is on the agenda this morning. THANKFULLY, it's for my 10-year-old & not me. Otherwise, I'd be breaking out in hives just at the mere thought!

Our big plans for the day include setting up our backyard pool this afternoon, then grill out for dinner ..... And don't count me out for a little round of badminton. Ahhh, I'm anticipating a nice, relaxing day. A little slice of Americana.

Of course, this picturesque scene in my mind will likely be shattered the moment my kids are actually out of bed.

As I contemplate our family's day off together, I'm forced to stop & realize WHY we have this day off and WHO we are celebrating.
This is a powerful photo of Alicia's son, bidding farewell to his daddy as he departs on a Navy tour of duty.

For ALL the families who sacrifice to protect our country, to preserve the values we hold dear, THANK YOU. Our soldiers, both past & present, AND their families, are our heroes. We honor YOU today.

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Alicia said...

Thank you so much, Sharon. This picture never gets old for me!