Monday, February 23, 2009

Watch Out, Shaq!

Evan's basketball season is winding down......only one game left. I must say, it's been really fun for our whole family to go & cheer him on every Saturday! He's thrilled that his best school buddy, Luke, is on his team.
This past week's game was a real nail biter. In the last 20 seconds of the game, Evan found himself on the free throw line, with our team only up by one point. ONE! OH THE PRESSURE! He's a serious competitor, and I know how hard he would take it if the team lost because of him choking in the clutch. Needless to say, we were very relieved when he sank both his foul shots, securing his team's win.

In fact, his team's final score was 20 -- and Evan scored half of those total points!

Here's Evan with his coach, whom he absolutely worships. In fact, we've already signed up to play on this same coach's flag football team. (On a sidenote, I was really shocked to see how some other coaches conducted themselves, absolutely YELLING at the kids during the games.) We were so blessed to be paired with this coach, who really cares about the kids and has taught them so much.

Look how excited Evan is to receive his trophy! When he gets older, he fully intends to play in the NBA and says he'll autograph some of his basketball cards so I can sell them on Ebay for a little extra cash. ha! Hey, with the financial situation the way it is, Evan might be our best bet for a retirement plan!

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