Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Recap

Valentine's Day is a pretty big deal around our house -- Greg & I had a Valentine wedding, and our youngest (Natalie) was born on Feb. 15. She just turned 7 on Sunday!

On Friday, I made the rounds at the school Valentine parties, beginning with Natalie's 1st grade class. (note my Valentine's necklace that Natalie made for me)

From there, I made an appearance at Evan's 3rd grade class party. Here, he's posing with his special friend, Sydney.

Then I hopped across the hall to drop in on Holly's 4th grade party. (but not before following Holly's strict instructions to REMOVE the necklace Natalie made for me beforehand) Here she is with her all-time favorite teacher.

Holly came home from school with a box of chocolates bigger than my head from her hunk of a special friend, David.
Look how happy!

On my way out of the school, I noticed that Evan's class had made Valentine poems that were being displayed in the hallway. I spotted his right away, since it said Ohio State on it..... When I read it, tears came to my eyes.
I'm not sure you can make out the words, so I'll reprint them:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Pretty, funny
helping, gardening, cooking
friend, daughter, sister, mother
singing, loving, joking
awesome, super
That is a reward, and I am beyond blessed, friends.


Alicia said...

What an awesome day of play! And my that poem. Oh, it's beautiful!

Christi said...

That is the sweetest thing...he is a wise boy to notice all those wonderful qualities of yours. That is why we love you so much!

renae hartson said...

I agree that you are SUPER WOMAN!!!! Love ya girlfriend!

Kate said...

LOVE the first pict of you and your girl...too sweet!!! :)