Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pickins are Slim

It would be just dandy with me if I didn't have to read another Help Wanted ad for another 15 years or so! I've become borderline obsessive about searching those ads .... scouring for that one new listing which might be a good fit for Greg or me. And believe me, there are a LOT of employment websites out there! Unless you're a mystery shopper, an RN or a social worker, the pickins are indeed slim.

I thought I had found just the job listing meant for ME -- to work in a florist shop. Oh, as I perused the job description, hope started to rise up within me .... UNTIL I read this line, "Forklift driving experience is required."

SERIOUSLY?! So for ALL you forklift-driving florists out there, you're in luck! Somewhere out in the world, a person typed in "forklift, floral" in the search box and got a hit.

Please pray for us -- that God would open doors as He sees fit, and that we would trust in Him alone as our sole provider.

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