Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here we are, in Kitchen Stadium

Every year during summer vacation, my kids complain about being bored. I'll agree that sometimes the days seem very l-o-n-g.

So, in an attempt to entertain the troops a bit last week, I suggested that they play "IRON CHEF". Evan & Allison jumped at that opportunity, and I declared that the secret ingredient was ...... PEANUT BUTTER!

Here they are as the competition kicked off, giving their best war cry:
Both competitors were fierce and down to business as they planned and executed their masterpiece dishes for the judges' consideration.
Chef Allison made a delectable batch of no-bake cookies, in addition to a crowd favorite --"Puppy Chow". Both dishes showed off the secret ingredient of peanut butter and wowed the judges.
Chef Evan went with a more simplistic approach, opting for Wheat Thins a la peanut butter, together with an unexpected twist of peanut butter on granola bars, topped off his signature dish: peanut butter & Cinnamon Toast Crunch sandwiches.

The judges were deadlocked ..... but after a lengthy conference, ultimately awarded the victory to Chef Allison.
But most importantly, we passed a couple hours of our l-o-n-g summer day in a positive way!

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Christi said...

Too bad I missed it, last summer I was won over by the waffles with fruity pebbles on them!