Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet

Now I realize that people tend to have strong feelings one way or the other concerning trick or treating. Personally, I'm all FOR any opportunity to accumulate mass quantities of candy!

Alli (12) was a crazy Teletubby Clown;

Holly (10) was a stylin' hippie;

Evan (8) was a Cheesehead football player;

And Aerial's got nothin' on OUR little mermaid, Natalie (6) !!!

The kids even had fun dressing up Peanut in a Build-a-Bear costume, complete with crown! She looks so ..... um ...... pleased.

Some of my fondest memories involve trick or treating. I can remember dressing up as a princess bride and as Snow White.

What childhood costumes do you most remember wearing?


Christi said...

My mom wanted us to dress up like Bible Characters a lot, (always in the same green homeade dress) I was Mary with baby Jesus, Miriam with Moses, Easter. But I also had the honor of wearing those fun plastic costumes with the elastic mask (do they still have those?) I was Raggedy Ann and Barbie...those are what I remember. Captain Jack just said his personal favorite costume from his childhood was a California Raisin (black trashbag)...wish I could have seen that one!

4 Lettre Words said...

What creativity! Awesome!!

That's how it was when I was young. Now it's all about the popular character.

Courtney said...

We got those costumes in a box that had the big, hard plastic face and plastic baggy dress up. I was Caspar one year.