Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Dear

I wish I could go back and edit my spoken words as easily as I can edit my written text. Just click and delete ... all gone. Erased.

I think it's hard to judge how much we should share with our kids. While I want them to have a carefree childhood and JUST BE KIDS, I don't want them to be sheltered to a fault. A fine line, would you agree?

The presidential election has been a big topic in school. That has, in turn, generated discussion at home, such as "what's the difference between a Republican and Democrat?" "Well, darling, one of them is led by Satan."

Seriously, we talked about some important differences. Although no party is perfect, one is more aligned with our Biblical beliefs, values and morals. The other leans towards supporting abortion and acceptance of same sex marriage, which the Bible clearly teaches is wrong. I attempted to explain those items in simple terms they could understand.

That's where I'd like to go back and "EDIT".

Because the morning after the election, the kids poured into my room, anxious to hear the outcome of the election. Upon learning of Obama's victory, this was their immediate reaction:

EVAN: "OH NO! ALL the babies are going to die!" (I think he just learned of Pharoah's similar decree in Sunday School)

NATALIE: "You mean I have to marry a girl now?"

Yeah. Maybe I should have left some of that out. Rewind and edit, please. I'd like to try that explanation one more time.


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! Your Natalie made me laugh! I know that I wanted to explain more to my daughter about it. Your kids are older. They'll be able to make more sense of it. My friend's daughter is five and she came home from school yesterday saying that Obama kills babies. It is hard for kids to get their minds around evil. It's hard for me as well.

Thanks for stopping by my site. It's always nice to have you visit. I wish we could share coffee and snacks!

Nice background on your page too.


Courtney said...

Whoops! I just looked at Natalie's tracker. She's the same age as my biggest. Amazing at how much they put together at this age, isn't it? She's very quick.

Alicia said...

It's so hard! I have to tell a sweet story about Prop 8 (same sex marriage ban that actually passed in CA!!). Timothy saw the sign outside our door (as you saw on my blog) and asked what it meant. It makes it easier because it's not party affiliated-we voted directly for this prop.

Anyway, I explained that "yes" means one man and one woman being married and "no" means 2 women or 2 men. It was convenient for me that this is the way the voting of the law worked because I could easily explain to him that God says "yes to one man and one woman" in His word and no to the other. And then (here's the sweet part), I pulled out our wedding album and we rejoiced in the wedding day of Timothy's mommy and daddy (one man, one woman) who got married. It was so fun.

Christi said...

You are such a good momma, and your kids are so well rounded...I applaud you for not running from the truth and being honest and open with them. It IS hard to have them grasp the real evil, but you are teaching what the Bible says vs. what the world thinks is ok. You're my hero:)