Friday, September 18, 2009

Sticks and Stones .... and Bikes!

We love living in a quiet cul-de-sac. In fact, I believe once you've experienced the carefree life of cul-de-sac living, you'll never go back! The kids can play without mommy stressing over speeding cars. All the kids' playmates are always out front, playing basketball, riding bikes, scooters, a neighborhood baseball game -- you name it. It's like a slice of Americana that Rockwell would have done well to capture on canvas.

Well.....almost. The other night, a neighbor had guests drop by. While they chatted on their front porch, the guests' 3-year-old boy took off running towards the cul-de-sac, aka the hub of activity. Wouldn't you know ..... that little guy dashed right in the path of my daughter's 10-speed bike. According to Holly's official witness statement, "He appeared out of nowhere, and I tried to avoid him!"

Oh dear.

She ended up running over his leg! We all felt terrible about it, but knew it was an honest accident. Well guess what? HIS LEG ENDED UP BEING BROKEN ABOVE HIS KNEE CAP! So for the next six weeks, he'll be sporting a full leg cast, and his mom will undoubtedly be cursing the 10-speed that mowed him down like an ant.

We'll be staying indoors for a while and avoiding the dangerous cul-de-sac.

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Christi said...

NO WAY! It was broken!? Poor Holly:(